Honorable Guests of ALLAH

Firstly, we are thankful to Allah Almighty who gave us the strength to successfully complete the Hajj arrangements under private hajj scheme in the last four years.This was all due to the special prayers of Hazrat Khawaja Khan Muhammad,our parents & your well wishes for us.

We would like to thank you for choosing Sirajia Hajj Group for performing your Hajj since 2003 . We always try our best to organize all the hajj rituals/Manasik in the most comfortable way.

Before you depart for the Holy journey, we would like to bring your attention to certain very important facts and figures that concern your journey with us as mentioned below:-

...Religious Importance & Financial factor

We would like to inform you that the iternary/travel plan of our group has been arranged in a special way to allow all of our group members to avail the very special & blessed moments of “Ashra-e-Hajj” (First ten days of Zilhajj) Also all of our group members would spend these blessed days & nights in the Holy Land of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the city of Madina Munawara.

Ashra-e-Zilhajj (First Ten days of hajj) have very special religious significance in all the months of Islam. The special value & importance of these days & nights has been repeatedly mentioned in several Qurani Ayat's and Hadith. Worship, Prayers & good deeds carry very special & enhanced reward in these days & nights.

To highlight the religious importance of these blessed days & nights, we have provided a small book in consultation with Mufti's, scholars and Ulema s which comprises of relevant ‘Qurani Ayat's’ & hadith highlighting the significance of this blessed period.

We would also like to communicate to all of our group members that the days immediately preceding Hajj fall in the HIGH SEASON category and the high quality accommodation near Haram during HIGH SEASON is almost double/twice than the low season period, which starts after Hajj or before 25th Zeeqada. But keeping in view the best religious interest of our group members, we opted for the HIGH SEASON, otherwise, we could have departed late from Pakistan direct for Makkah & then Visited Madina after Hajj to avail low season discounted rates.


Only 40 minutes flight from MEDINA to JEDDAH airport & then less than 1 hour transfer in VIP BUSES to Makkah from Airport. This saves time and energy to perform Umrah as during Hajj season buses takes 12 to 14 Hours to reach Makkah from Madina which drains you both physically and mentally apart from wasting one complete day and night and also gives you undue fatigue which can become hindrance in performing your HAJJ correctly.

24 hours Privately Chartered MERCEDES-BENZ BUS / G.M.C LIMO

In regular HAJJ Packages, the Buses pick you from one fixed spot (where HAJIS have to reach on their own) & then the buses leave after dropping HAJIS. Whereas, our group has hired special comfortable private buses & GMC’s just for our group members “HAJIS”

which will pick HAJIS from their Hotel/Building & will remain with the HAJIS throughout the 5 days of HAJJ unlike regular & GOVT. HAJJ packages in which a very small & limited number of buses transport a much large number of HAJIS by making multiple trips. This practice makes HAJIS wait for long times in long ques for their turn to board a bus & sometimes due to extreme rush of HAJIS & Traffic delays many HAJIS are forced at the last moment to run for their own private transport arrangement in spite of the fact that they have paid the GOVT. For transportation.


To facilitate our group members, we have also arranged for an apartment building near the Mina tents (approximately 15 20 minutes walk).which will be available to you even during your 5 days stay in Mina tents. This building will provide alternate accommodation to our group members even during 5 days of haji besides acting as a store for your heavy luggage during your Mina days.


Every year, the total number of HAJIS arriving in the Kingdom is increasing rapidly due to which, the Saudi Government has extended the MINA tents even into MUZDALIFA to accommodate all of them.

According to majority of RELIGIOUS Scholars this is not according to Sunnah as Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) stayed within the boundaries of MINA in HAJ & by staying out of Mina hajis miss 3 important sunnah's of hajj. Also these new tent areas are several kilometers away from Jamaarat (Shaitan) & hajis have to walk several miles each & everyday to perform RAMI (throwing stones @ Shaitan) which results in increased tiredness & stress besides increasing the risk of any untoward incidence during daily trip.

Chilled Air Cooled Tents


Carpeted Tents With Sofa-Cum-Beds in Mina

Our Group has arranged ideally located tents not only within the Boundary of MINA but also within walking distance from Jamaarat (Shaitan). Confirmed stay in Mina is not only possible but also within convenient walking distance from Shaitan for 3 days of RAMI.

Food Services

Although there are many good Pakistanis restaurants there but during peak HAJJ season they are so much crowded that for any HAJI, it is an ordeal & time consuming task to have proper food at proper time which results in meal skipping. This deficiency ultimately results in impaired immunity & shows up in the form of acute Flu or throat infection with complaints of body pains & high grade fever. Our group has arranged high quality Pakistani Cuisine ( Boffet ) which will not only be served in your hotel in MAKKAH & MEDINA but will also be served in MINA tents during the 5 days of HAJJ.

Performing Haj properly & according to 100% shariah compliance is a hectic exercise & puts a lot of strain on your mind & body which in turn requires regular & proper balanced nutrition ,which if not maintained can lead to stress & fatigue related illness like FLU, body aches & Tiredness etc.



Qurbani is an important step of Haj. To handle this ritual on his own Haji has to go to slaughter house. Which is located several kilometers away from Mina plus it is always very much crowded. It almost takes one complete day or even more to reach there, perform qurbani and return to Mina camp.

The other option is Bank Coupon Sold by Al Raji Bank. But this way is controversial and is not approved by majority of the religious scholars of almost all sects of Islam. Also the qurbani “specific for Haj” has to be slaughtered with in the limits of Makkah Haram and cannot be made in your homeland.

Keeping in view all these issues, we have collaborated with one of the most authentic and biggest Religious school in Makkah “Mudarassa-e-Saulatia" who are experts in handling Hajj Qurbani you will be given a time to end your Ahram after making 100% sure that your qubarni has been performed properly.


To guide our group members to derive maximum blessings from this Holy Journey , we have provided few important booklets for your convenience to make sure that you don't miss out on any of the Masnoon Duas and “Amaals”. The best activity to get involved in, during your stay in Prophet's (PBUH Salallah-o-Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam) city, is to recite Durood Sharif & to learn & implement as many “Sunnah” of the Prophet PBUH as possible & then take them with you to your home. Masnoon Dua's & Aamaals are the best & easiest way to develop the habit of continuous remembrance of Allah throughout one's daily life. Since in modern times, it is becoming more & more difficult everyday to take special time out for Zikr, Wazaif & Nafl Prayers therefore by incorporating Masnoon Duas & “Sunnah way of life” in your routine, your whole daily routine would become “Ibaadat” & Zikr of Allah without need of any extra spare time to establish a strong spiritual connection with your creator.


In one of the books you will find a chapter on Masnoon Nafal Salats which you can offer in the Holy Mosque daily, apart from the Farz & Sunnah Salats to make your stay more ewarding both religiously & spiritually. JUMA- TUL- MUBARIK IMPORTANCE & BLESSINGS: To highlight the religious importance of Juma-tul-Mubarik we have included highly informative Chapter in the book Fazail-e-Zilhaj to facilitate you to earn maximum benefits from Juma-tul-Mubariks coming during your stay in Madina Munawara & Makkah Mukarma.


One of the basic requirements to seek the pleasure of Allah the Almighty and to develop a strong spiritual connection with Him is to purify your heart (“Tazkia-e-Nafs”) The Holy Quran tells us the importance of purification & cleanliness of the heart at several places like and the best and easiest way to purify your heart comprises of three steps.
  1. To follow the Holy Prophet Sallallah-o-Alaihi Wasallam (sunnah)
  2. Zikr of Allah (Including Reciting Holy Quran)
  3. To get the company (sohbat) of a “Wali Allah” (Holy Saint) who should be the true follower of Holy Prophet Salallah-o-Alaihi Wasallam.

This last requirement is difficult now a days because the existence of true Aulia Allah are very rare now a days. But it is the most important and easiest part of the process of purification of heart.

Do remember us & our families in your prayers.